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Married to the Ministry
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Married to the Ministry

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Married To The Ministry! A book of testimonies of the wives of Apostles, Pastors, Elders, Preachers.......and the women who want to be!

The book was put together as a tool to identify the works of the enemy in the marriage. Since the beginning of Jesus Ministry the one thing Satan was trying to destroy was the family! The first miracle Jesus performed was turning water into wine at the wedding! The sanctity of marriage was important to God then and it is just as important to Him now. The devil's best secret is that he does not exist but that is a lie! He has been running rapid in our relationships and it is time to expose him.


Here is an excerpt from the book:

Part III - The Money(For Richer, For Poorer)

I know you are wondering how my husband was able to purchase a mansion and I not know it. I did not actually see any money brought in by the ministry and had no part in the financial side of the business. I continued with my 9 to 5 work day, slaving like a dog. I know it sounds crazy but my husband actually lived in a mansion while I lived in a one bedroom with my baby. Unbeknownst to me, he had become a millionaire while I still used the subway for transportation and worked every day in the school system. When it came to money he was so tight that some days I did not even have lunch money.


My husband took total control of my mind to the point that I thought there was something wrong with me physically and mentally. He kept saying he could not sleep with me because I talked too much. He gave me a list of things I had to change and promised if I made those changes then he would sleep with me. Each time I changed one thing he would say change something else. I got angry and went to the doctor for a battery of tests, including an Aids test to prove that I was not infected or sick. I hung the test results on the headboard of our bed and said,” I’m not sick, so what’s the problem?” I was doing everything, and then he just came out and stated, “I do not like the institution of marriage, but I’m working on it”. So I was like, “Okay, what do I do now since you do not like the institution of marriage?” He had close, non-sexual relationships with friends, (mainly men), but not with me. There was just something about me.


(more excerpts)

At home he had men in his life that could go into the mansion, but I could not. I knew early on that he was a homosexual but he kept crying and proclaiming that he was “delivered”. He never admitted that he was a homosexual, only that he was delivered; but he never said what he was delivered from. He just kept crying deliverance! That’s why I get so upset with myself. Prior to our getting married I knew! But I said to myself, “God can change anybody”. I believed that I could change him from a homosexual back to a heterosexual. So I bought into his denial.



To this day, to him homosexuality is not his struggle. But he knows that I know and that is a problem for him. In his music he sings about homosexuality and how everyone is lying on him, but he is in denial. It is what it is. There is such a buzz surrounding him and his lifestyle. If you look him up on the internet, even though he is a big gospel icon, the subject of homosexuality comes up.

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